Career Learning & Development | Digital tools and methods
Career Learning & Development | Digital tools and methods


Hey, it’s Joakim Cao!

I work as a Study and Career adviser at The Faculty of Engineering, LTH, Lund University – in the far south of Sweden – with particular interest in practical use of digital tool to support individuals career learning and development. I have always had a keen interest in technology integration in Career Guidance and counselling, Education and helping others infuse tech into their lives.

I have self-taught myself many digital media and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) topics but also have studied them at the university level. I hold a professional degree in Study & Careers Guidance and a Master’s in Education. I’m here to discuss, share and support Careers Practitioners and students in Career counselling – to feel confident about their technology, digital skills and to think differently in the digital space and thrive. 

Moreover, I am also a Advanced Practitioner in Hope-Action Theory & Practice. My purpose with this website is to think deeply about the work I do in Career Guidance & Career Development, to share ideas and thoughts around my personal journey, and to discovering Digital Hope in uncertain times. My source for inspiration comes from the post Dave Wilson gave “Combining hope with technology and passion to make a difference for everyone is what I call ‘Digital Hope”.

So head over to my YouTube channel where I share insights about ICT in Guidance & Counselling. The focus usually is technical, but I'm also covering general topics around Career learning & development and give tips on enhancing your clients and students experience.
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